Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Researching My First Flat Screen

I wasn't about to read through Consumer Reports or any other techie type of publication to find out what's the most popular flat screen TV.  I simply asked YOU.   One day last week, pre-Thanksgiving hubub, I posted on my Twitter and Facebook pages "I'm looking to purchase my first 40" to 42"  LCD flat screen TV.  Suggestions?  Where?" 

Here's the response in a nutshell:

There were also unsolicited suggestions about warranty and service, which I gratefully took note of.  Surprisingly, Walmart and Target were suggested frequently.  In my vast (not so much) experience in purchasing electronics, those are two places I normally wouldn't have thought of.  However, Best Buy and Nebraska Furniture Mart are... and yet NO ONE suggested those.   Interesting eh?

Ultimately we purchased a 42" LCD flat screen TV from Costco.  WOOT!  While we were playing Ratchet & Clank on our PS3, my husband Matt looked at me and said "What were we waiting for?"   LOL!    We love it.


Techdivine TD said...

Hi There

Superb post

Liked it a lot

Keep more of them coming

Be Well

Techdivine TD

Alexis Faulkner Ceule said...

aaawwww... that's nice! Especially coming from "Techdivine" and this is about as untechy of a survey I could have done. shhhh... don't tell consumer reports or Wired. LOL