Friday, December 21, 2012

How To Avoid the $1 Spam Messages on Facebook

Unless the idea of getting spammy messages from people who don't know you on Facebook is appealing, prepare to change your settings.
When people you don't know have sent you a message on Facebook before, it may have gone into your "other" message box as opposed to your regular inbox.  Now however, Facebook is experimenting with a low percentage of users who will pay $1 to send messages to strangers.  It's bad enough Facebook now allows users to pay $7 to promote their own post to reach people they don't know.  It's like Facebook is trying every back door to create revenue and forgetting what this social network's popularity was based off: Friends connecting.

We suggest you switch to the "strict filtering".  At least it's an option for now. Stay with "basic filtering" and see how it goes.  It'll be a social experiment.