Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1 Potato 2 Potato...

Today Advertising Age announced it's Top Power 150 Marketing Blogs in the World.  Wow...  that's quite a feat!  Congrats to all who made the list. As I was perusing the AdAge link... I took note of the blogs I am already subscribing to and where they ranked.   I glanced over the names of the other blogs and several titles caught my eye.  Then I scrolled to the bottom of the page I was reading to see it was only the top 50 on this page.  2 More pages of blogs!!!   I think I literally rubbed my temples trying to absorb the idea of checking out these other blogs in a timely fashion.  But how?  I hardly have enough to time to read the blogs I'm currently getting!  How do we find a blog that appeals to us?

The blogs I currently follow, I loooooove. A few interior design one's, a steampunk one, a local foodie, someone who interviews bands, and a boat load of social media and marketing blogs.  How did I find them?  A few ways.  I found some through social media channels and social network sites.  Several blogs started with me following the blogger on Twitter. They tweeted enough good stuff that people were passing around their messages as Re-Tweets to their followers.  Eventually I had some come my way, and that's where I connected with a few.  May I also say, these power bloggers I follow will engage in conversation with me nearly 100% of the time.  I really, and I mean REALLY, appreciate that about them.  "If someone loves what they do, they will reach out to you." (@CoolCatTeacher said that) and I find this is very true in social media.

Ask like minded friends, co-workers, your book club, fantasy football league and family what blogs they read... or join another social network(s) with the intent to meet more like minded folks.  Post on your status update what kind of blog you're looking for and let the suggestions roll in.  Quickly you'll find what the current buzz is about and where the information came from.  Twitter allows you to search key words to see what is being talked about regarding that subject and that's a very handy tool, especially if you're trying to read the sentiment on something particular.  Reputable influencers have their messages repeated like dominoes.

Finally, each blog I subscribe to has a list of other blogs (names and links) on their page that the blogger also likes!  That's a fantastic way to quickly find other like minded blogs from a blogger you appreciate all ready.

In the mean time, I found some interesting blog titles on the AdAge 150 list and I'm going to check them out, right now ...  #14 AdFreak, #73 If It's Hip, It's Here, #97 Damn I Wish I'd Thought of That!, and finally #133 Make the Logo Bigger. 

Carve an hour in to your day to read up on the blogs with subjects you find interesting.  Some bloggers post daily and some post randomly, so an hour may be too much.  Either way, it'll only do you good.  What's your favorite blog?  Let me know.

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