Sunday, January 30, 2011

Damn These Kids are Lucky

Over the last two days I've witnessed this rock'n piece of artwork go up on a bland dusty 45 year old brick elementary school foyer wall.
A volunteer designed it. 
A volunteer painted it. 
A volunteer made the gazillion colorful flags on the ceiling. 
A few more volunteers taped off and painted the colorful side boxes and several more added eye candy in the large foyer.  

Now, I stand here... hands resting on my hips... shift my weight to one leg... slowly turn my head to the side... squint my eyes... take a deep breath... and I look at this painting and say "Damn these kids are lucky".
Thank you volunteers for being wired the way you are!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 Guys Walk Into a Hot Tub...

I spent some time in Keystone, Colorado this last week.  One late afternoon, I'm soaking my sore shins, from skiing, in the outdoor hot tub at The Timbers.  3 Nice looking guys got in too.  They look about their mid 40's, well built, carrying cans of beer (and a few back ups) and are very chatty.  It's easy to start up a conversation in a hot tub, so we did.

Turns out, they all 3 have been serving several years in Afghanistan as engineers, either with the military or as a contractor. Funny thing was, they didn't know the other was there until they found each other on FACEBOOK  These 3 guys grew up within a few blocks of each other and hadn't seen the others since the summer after high school graduation.

They asked the military for some time off, went back to Alabama, met up with their families and took them all skiing.  They were clearly happy to be together and their conversations were filled with loud laughter (the kind you throw your head back and slap your knee about)  and big smiles.  My kind of guys.

I thanked them for their service and then they wormed their way further into my heart with the following toast:  "We love Facebook!"

Cheers to that!