Friday, May 28, 2010

Of All the Things To Do This Summer...

I'm really looking forward to doing a lot of this...

A little bit of this...

I want to see a lot of these...

I know I'll be found here...

I'll catch a handful of these... hopefully these guys (Train) too...

But most of all, I'm so happy the house will be filled with sounds of running, laughing, jokes, probably a few tears, and chitter chatter from these two monkeys...

Thanks to Jaime Jensen for her photo of the beer, poolside with me the first week of summer.  As well, the "Flying Squirrel" photo is of a high school friend and which one escapes me... I'll have to find out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fly On a Wall

I recently had lunch with two of my favorite people in and out of social media ... Zena Weist (H&R Block) and Christine Hamele (Parris Communications).  We met up at Smashburger in Leawood.  It was a lovely day and one of the few over the last two weeks that wasn't raining.   Some how, some way, these two wonderful Kansas City ladies had never met.  It was my pleasure to introduce them.

Right away through regular ol' conversation, they rattled off a half a dozen names of people they had in common and had worked with.  Over the course of the next hour and 40 minutes, they engaged in some wonderful social media/marketing/public relations related conversations that left me feeling crazy fortunate to witness.   Of course they were inclusive with me during these discussions, but I didn't want to muck up the quality.  So I was the quietest I may have been in a very long time.

These are two great minds sharing ideas, experiences and opportunities...   would I have looked ridiculous taking notes?  I really wanted to.  I smiled ear to ear, like the village idiot and soaked up all the goodness they were providing. I was the happiest fly on a wall.

If you want to meet some great minds in Kansas City too, the Social Media Club of Kansas City has done an incredible job of pulling like minded folks together.  It's FREE... check them out.

Thanks Christine for treating us!  Here's our delish spread at Smashburger...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just What I Needed "An Unexpected Delight"

A friend of mine, Jennifer, recently said "I love how women take care of women".  I had one of those lovely moments a week ago.  I had just taken my husband to the airport (San Fran bound) and he'd be gone for a week.  I asked my children after he left, "Did Daddy have anything set up for me for Mother's Day?"  They blankly looked at me and then each other, shrugged their shoulders and said "No".  Hmmm...  really?   Crap.  I thought maybe he'd hand them a $20 and tell them to take me out to Sheridan's for ice cream.... or something.  My daughter said she made something at school and my son said he had something of his own too... and that's wonderful!  I was also hoping for something a little "grown up".  Does that make sense?

The day was fully under way and by noon, a knock at my door by a lovely delivery woman holding a large box, smiled and handed it to me saying,  "Looks like a winner to me."   

I hesitated opening it thinking for a moment it came to the wrong home.  The box was so beautiful and besides, the driver quickly drove away. I couldn't resist.  So I tore into it.  Lots of beautiful tissue paper (only a woman would appreciate that, right? LOL) and the first thing I pulled out was a gorgeous green etched glass pitcher!

Wha??  Certainly this isn't for me.  Who is this from?  I found a gold card with a hand written note from my friends via social media (and one from SME too) Christine Hamele and Kelly Cooper of Parris Communications.  "We wanted to recognize all of your efforts as a social media maven and Mamapreneur.   Hope you enjoy the exceptional gift experience from Cambria Cove!".   I had to sit down.

I was so excited and so happy they did this for me... just when I was feeling on the verge of neglected... and they saved the day!  I didn't open anything else but instead went right for the phone to thank Christine.  I was gushing, talking too fast and I hope she could tell just how appreciative I was.  Keep in  mind, I hadn't even seen the rest.  LOL!   Here is the jackpot they sent me... 

A wonderful candle in a pink ceramic container, WITH lid.  A gorgeous set of notecards that remind me of Amy Butler fabrics.  A gold and white zenia patterned journal that has a nifty built in pocket in the back.  Christine never could have known, but I love that stuff!  I tuck things away all the time ... now I have a spot with my journal!  Brilliant.  The two white doves are soap!!!! They came in the cool bird nest and there's a white ceramic little bowl they are sitting in too.  
Now look at this gorgeous bracelet!  KABLAM!  There's my Mother's Day jewelry I always secretly want!  Bonus: It's silver!

I am thrilled to the core with my unexpected gifts.  They were just what I needed.  You have no idea.  Well... maybe Christine and Kelly actually did.  I have been online with Cambria Cove this last week and on their Facebook Page which looks relatively new... so "like" them if these type of goodies are right up your alley.  The website has great ideas for Father's Day... calling them "Handsome gifts for dashing dads".  Love it!  

Thanks again Christine and Kelly for your timely thoughtfulness.   You are a shining example of people doing things right...  making someone feel valued.   MWUA!  XOXOXOX  

I'm a forever fan of Christine and Kelly. I'm a new fan of ...

Friday, May 7, 2010

They Have Far Exceeded My Expectations

I love a great sale and I adore great customer service. 

Give me what I want and based on that, give me something more that you know I'll need soon.   Convey to me you are the expert I will need when I have a question about your industry.  Leave me uttering the words "Wow".  Make me smile the entire conversation because you've not only fixed my challenge but cut another one off at the pass... one I didn't even know was looming off in the distance.   Leave me with the sincere impression that you care about my business and how I can help the businesses I care about too.  Actually give me the inspiration to write your name and direct number/email down when you offer it up unsolicited.

Then... two days later, send me an email you're having a 2 hour FREE seminar 5 miles from my house in the same month on the same issue I was contacting you about.

OMG...  Constant Contact.  I love you.