Monday, January 28, 2013

Perk #3 of Working From Home: Getting the Funk Out!

Today, January 27th, in Kansas City it is 70 degrees at noon and dare I say downright HOT if you're in the sun. 
 I'm throwing all the windows open and airing out the house. Getting the winter funk out of here before the temps drop to the teens by the 29th again.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Confession #4: I WANT to Live In a Glass House

I dream about houses.

Quite frequently.

All kinds of houses from contemporary to colonial, California ranch to stone and gigantic castle like houses.

There are 6 that seem to make the rotation in my head at night but the one I like the most is an all glass house.  It sits high in huge Sycamore or maybe it's an Oak tree, in the woods....

The house is all glass: floor, sides and ceiling.  Like a greenhouse or solarium.


Despite being run down...
It has beautiful bones.

 Several beautiful crystal chandeliers hang throughout to light up the night and add sparkle during the day.

The trim around each window is dark, so it really sinks into the dark night woodsy setting and it's like I'm hovering in the air, in my amazing tree house
The windows are mostly old but in good shape to keep out the rain and cold.
Thanks to  for helping me define it in photos.
I would look most forward to watching the squirrels chase each other around the tree, from up close.