Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Just Say'n

I hope you have the opportunity to get out for Halloween this year. Most of all, I hope you dress up as something. Anything. Make it unexpected. My husband plays drums in a cover band for fun, called "Recess". (originally made up of grade school dads and a mom). They are playing at one of our favorite local digs, Johnny's Tavern, on Friday night for the Halloween party. It's always great fun, because year after year, party goer's (and the band) dress up in the most unusual and creative costumes I've ever seen. I think it's the unexpected from these upstanding adults that tickles me the most. Doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs coming as Barbie, The Space Shuttle and a baked potato... brilliant.

My husband is not one of those people. meh. He doesn't like to dress up for Halloween and I suspect he finds it too challenging and maybe a bit humiliating. Or a lot.  He did go as Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink 182, last year. I suggested he start a trend for himself and always go as drummers. Lenny Kravitz band has an awesome looking female drummer... Cindy Blackman. One big ass wig, bright red lipstick and large pair of sunglasses later... he's HER! Regretfully, he's not feeling it.  I want him to surprise not only the hell out of me, but everyone who knows him... and dress up as something. Anything. Unexpected. I'm sensing a Flight Attendant... or a flight risk.

Happy Halloween. Find your inner Ninja, your Mad Scientist or perhaps your Zombie Cheerleader (like my daughter!). Be something. Appreciate the efforts of everyone else in costume. I'm just say'n... it's Halloween. Have fun!

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