Monday, October 5, 2009

Confession Time...

It would appear I'm getting "old".
I like bird watching.

What is up with that? I would not have considered myself a fan of birds (Hitchcock's, The Birds, ruined them for me at an early age) until the last 7 - 10 years or so. I find myself perched on the wicker chair in my kitchen, feet propped up on the low window sill, watching out of one of the three side by side windows... waiting. There's a decent show at about any given daylight hour.

Cardinals. I adore cardinals. The beautiful bright red males fly fast, low and can manuever on a dime! They are fierce about their loyalty to their woman. The males will persistently drive away other males from their lovely ladies... all ... day... long. I kind of like that.

Our neighborhood is a happy little home to about two dozen yellow finches. I'm not sure how they came to our area ... but I'm so glad! They are very chatty and frequently congrugate together in my cutting garden to perch upon and eat the dead Black Eye'd Susan seeds. They are gorgeous and social... again, what's not to like about that?

Hummingbirds. Oh boy do I love hummingbirds! They are about the size of my thumb and can fly like a helicopter! They are the only bird able to fly backwards! We really only see them here in the 'hood from July through August, during their migration. You gotta like that they even stop by so we can see them.

Red Tail Hawks are so big, fat and healthy here in Round Hill. I saw one sitting high up on a limb in our backyard this summer and for just a moment, I thought it was a turkey. All plump and happy up there... looking for an easy snack. They have taken our ground squirrel population down to about 3. All of whom seem to be living under my house. Sadly though... the squirrel population is almost zero in my neighborhood this year. The hawks can easily pick up full grown squirrels and rabbits and carry them off ... clearly the mother lode of carry out meals.

The only wildlife I like watching more than a cool bird, is a funny squirrel... or 3. The only thing better than the squirrels... are watching mine and the neighborhood kids. Either way... you can find me at my kitchen window, watching... like some freaky old lady.

(vintage bird photo courtesy of The Vintage Workshop The squirrels are from a tree near my second story window in my backyard. So cute!! Probably hawk chow by now.)

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