Thursday, October 22, 2009

Knitty Gritty

I just got home from a really nice evening... of knitting. I'm not a knitter, though I want to be. Again... it must be that "I'm old now" thing like bird watching, on a previous post. Well I hit the mother lode tonight... I saw needlepoint birds at The Studio, where we were knitting! Cool! Here are some of them. I can easily do without the old fake vines, but cool nonetheless. Thanks to Felice Azorsky of Bagettes and Jennifer Roe of Tastebud Magazine for putting this together. GREAT idea!

The yarns were inspiring. I want to make something! I saw some cool knitted fingerless gloves... I had to put one on and imitate the poor little match girl from the old moral story. I can't tell you how many times my son has cut the fingers off his gloves so he could stay warm and still catch a football. Great colors and textures... wine and candy corn... gorgeous witty women... what a beautiful way to spend the evening.

On a completely different side note... TRAIN has a new album, due out Oct. 27th can be listened to here on MY999 ! The whole new album "Save Me San Francisco"! I particularly love songs "Parachute" and "Marry Me" and of course "Save Me San Francisco" where Train made a shout out via social media on Twitter and Facebook for their fans to come to the recording studio in San Francisco and clap on the namesake song. Many of the people I've met over social networking the last few years went! Here they are... Gotta love TRAIN! Congrats to Alisa, Monique and the others... fun opportunity. Take a listen too... tell me what songs you enjoyed too. The TRAIN tour is already under way and I hope you get to see them. It's a great date!


Connie said...

haha You know you are old listen to Train whilst knitting! Cute!

Alexis Faulkner Ceule said...

Bwahahaha! I wish we were... were just gabbing. Sounds like a knitting circle fo sho'! LOL! old farts.