Monday, March 29, 2010

That's Not What I Was Looking For...

I went to Family Tree Nursery in Overland Park, Kansas yesterday, on a mission to find a small Rosemary sprig I could turn in to a topiary.  I know it takes patience and a lot of painstaking attention for it not only to live, but to get to the shape I want... a sphere.  LOL!  OK, so maybe not so painstaking.  Right away, as I pulled up in my Jeep, smack dab in the front of the facility are several topiaries. Not your average topiaries either. Different shapes, sizes and definitely not what I was looking for... but oh so much BETTER!

For instance, this cute baby elephant topiary is just about true to size. WOW!

This topiary bush looks like coral from way down deep in the ocean, which is a gazillion miles from good ol' Overland Park. It makes me want this even more!

Who doesn't want a llama?  Now you can have one that won't spit at you.

These stars are in two sizes... I couldn't help but think what fun all of these topiaries would be to have in the garden or on the patio with children around the house and neighborhood.

This isn't a topiary, but I like spheres. I couldn't resist the blue hydrangeas and the water feature.  Clearly from the pom pom shaped flowers and this cobalt blue fountain, I was in Nirvana.

I always love checking out the Koi fish pond at Family Tree, even when my kids aren't with me.  It has been moved to a different spot this year.  It now has a little waterfall feature and floating plants. However the fish are my favorite part.  They are HUGE in koi terms and act a bit like dogs.  Very friendly, want attention and you can even touch the fish.   Better yet, you can feed them!

To top  my visit off... I ran into local celeb and world reknown golf icon, Tom Watson.  "Hello Mr. Watson".  I got that boyish grin and a "What are you getting?" in return.  We talked topiaries for a couple of minutes. He had a lot of plants.  Now that I see he's a gardner, I adore him even more!
Social media note... Family Tree Nursery needs to be blogging daily.  You'll see from their so called current blog, they have a pitiful three entries between March 26th and Dec. 29th.   Really? Really.  They will never lack for content to photograph or blog about. Evah!  Plus, if they had a presence on Twitter, it would have reminded me it's that time of year to get my yard in shape and my garden prepared.  I think I'll have to pay them another visit.   : )


Whitney said...

If Family Tree Nursery had a blog I might actually learn something about plants, and then my mother would love me more. :)

Steven said...

I think you should buy the enormous elephant topiary for your living room.

Family Tree said...

Okay okay! Point taken... we're in the midst of the busiest season here and we (I) am committed to blogging more about all the awesome things we're doing. Thanks for the support and the advice! Consider it point takennnnnnn. BLOGGING NOW :)