Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joe Jaffe + 3 Minutes = Rockn Advice for a Service Driven Business

I went to a quick Tweet Up put together by the Social Media Club of Kansas City, because we had a social media hot shot, Joe Jaffe, in town.  The three time author was willing to have a few drinks with us and I was excited!  Here's his latest book... love it... about how to use your current customers to gain new ones.

We all met up at Johnny's Tavern Bar & Grill and we had a really nice time together.  I however, was more fortunate than most. I was prepared to video Joe for a 1 minute interview.  He said he was pretty good at turning a short story into a long one, so I am thrilled with the 3 minutes I received.  He is charming, gracious, animated, provided fantastic information and that South African accent sure makes him easy to listen to.

My question was ... Johnny's Tavern is a service driven business.  How does he see businesses, like them, marketing themselves going forward.  A loaded transition into Flip the Funnel... 

and yes, you hear me say "I love you" at the end. ; )

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