Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scared Straight in 2010

I've been swamped lately... but I made some time to share one thing going with one of my clients... Santa Fe Tow.  They provided two wrecked vehicles from drunk driving accidents, today at the St. James Academy in Lenexa, KS.  Not only did the high school age kids get to see these mangled wrecks, but they also got a nice demonstration about how the accident might have gone down when a teenager is driving under the influence of alcohol.  They were needless to say, VERY attentive.  Rightly so. 

The Lenexa Police Department, the Fire Department and the nearby hospital all worked seamlessly to show these kids what takes place with such an accident... how many people it takes to work on this kind of accident and what it takes to get it done.  Very sobering.  Like out of the Scared Straight movie from the 80's.

The victims and witness were 5 of the theater students from the drama club at St. James Academy and they did a very convincing job!  For a full view of the experience click here for Santa Fe Tow's Facebook Fan Page photo album of today's excitement.  Special kudos to the firemen, policemen and Med Act employees of Lenexa, who volunteered their time and talents to bring such an emotional and teachable opportunity.  Bravo to Santa Fe Tow for supplying the cars for these efforts throughout the metro, to hammer home "don't drink and drive" and "don't text and drive" to teens.

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m + j said...

Kudos to the team that organized this wake-up call! It's great to see such a unique approach to this issue!