Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best of the Jayhawk Keyboard Coaches & Fans Tweeting for #KUBBALL

I have the very fortunate opportunity to tweet on Twitter (among other social networks) for my client, Johnny's Tavern in Prairie Village, Kansas.  The Twitter address is @johnnystavernpv  We are widely known as a KU love'n bar & grill.  With 22 flat screen TV's we get sports minded fans all day long. However, I rarely see my Jayhawks actually play, for I am on Twitter at game time, watching all the keyboard coaches and fans who use #kubball on their tweets, to communicate with eachother.  Throughout this season, I have RT'd some hilarious tweets using #kubball.  That means I sent the original tweet I saw, back out to our 840ish followers.  Below are some of my favorites.  (Thanks @KUSPORTS for starting the #kubball hashtag.  It caught on quick and easy)
The tweets below are compiled from posts on @johnnystavernpv home page... and I've pulled #kubball posts back through Feb. 12th.  These are merely a fraction of the tweets with #kubball, but they were the one's that made me wet my pants a little from laughing.  Now keep in mind, I've missed many other funny tweets with #kubball on it... but they come in like rapidfire during game time, and it's inevitable I'll miss several...  so enjoy these one's below. I don't want to hear about how you would have organized them either.  I tried... I really did. Then I kept finding more and more.  I'll keep better track during #KCChiefs and #KUfball next season. These tweets below are snarky, sarcastic and tongue in cheek remarks.  If you can't take it... turn away.  These tweeple are clever, witty, charming... and they have a lot of fun even when the game gets dicey. Some are professional sports writers, former coaches, KU students, alumni, all walks of life...  I feel honored to have had a chance to get to know and participate with them through our beloved KU Jayhawk Men's Basketball season.  I hope you can join us on Twitter too.

(Get a sandwich and a coffee... so you can get cozy to read these.  There are a lot and THIS is the short version)

@RckChlkPrincess: Roll Call! Where's my swag biatches at?! RockChalk!#kubball

Game against UNI in the NCAA Tourney.  KU lost by one... trailed the entire game...
@BradyMcCollough #KU band playing "We're not gonna take it" ... hmmm .. #kubball
@TitsOnABoor: My son's face illustrates how I feel about this game #kubball   (see photo of crying boy)
@billselfsbrain I have less hair on my head than O'Rear has on his mutton chops. #kubball
@ShellyKramer "I need to focus. And I need a flat screen television" says my husband. A rabid Jayhawk fan. Grabbed beer n ran. #kubball
@BradyMcCollough More mock applause. Hilarious RT @hannah_aileen refs got bored playing for the other team RT @jweb actual foul on UNI
 @ryanmgreene Wonder if the refs are waiting for blood shed before giving #kubball a foul call. None on #UNI in 9:30.
@hannah_aileen it's about that time that i lose 5-10 followers.#kubball tweeting storm!
@Spike_Says  @CoachBillSelf tell the boys that alot of us#kansas alumni are OLD and cant handle the cat/mouse play!#kubball

A mishmash of games through the Big12 Tournament and NCAA Tournament and regular season play...
@corinwallace: Lehighs coach looks like a guy who shops at Mr. Guy. oddly likeable! #goodonyoudude #kubball
@SonnieJHawk: I think I heard Sherron say "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood." #kubball
@Lochdog715 Daggummit Roy doing capital one commercials now? Shouldnt you be preparing for NIT? #idontgiveaflipaboutcarolina #kubball
@phogphans Too many fans in the Ford Center sitting on their hands...feel like I'm gunna get shushed. I will NOT be quiet! #kubball
@robknapp: What better way to start a run for a national title than a dogfight with a No. 16 seed? #kubball
in reference to the Lehigh team: 
@goatjc: we cant lose to a team that has poop & pee colors #kubball
@corinwallace: Lehighs coach looks like a guy who shops at Mr. Guy. oddly likeable! #goodonyoudude #kubball
@gavinesq: Whats the difference between College Station, TX and yogurt? Yogurt has active, living culture. #kubball
@NCTRNL: One of these days K-State will be able to buy the rest of the "man-cat" costume... #kubball
@gavinesq: I'm not gay or anything, but Sherron, if you need anything, I mean ANYTHING, let me know. #kubball
@NYCJayhawk Let's just say being at a wedding in houston with a ton of A&M grads just got better. Guess I did care a bit. #kubball
@SonnieJHawk: Okay, I have a new shirt on. Sorry, guys. That entire first half was my fault. #kubball
@breezybriz Hey Pat KNIGHT, THROW A CHAIR! THROW A CHAIR!#kubball #big12ku
@c_millr Head band put back where I found it. Changed shirts. First one wasn't working out. Time to turn it around Hawks! #kubball #supersticiousmuch
@gavinesq Wow. Bill Self seems remarkably calm. #actinglikeaserialkillerbeforehestabsyou #kubball
@91Jayhawk What's the deal with @ESPN Holly Rowe wearing her pants so high? She looks like she belongs on an SNL skit. #kubball
@fyrwood Is it bad that I schedule feeding my daughter around halftime? #kubball

Side note:  most of the regulars couldn't stand announcers @ESPN's Brent Musburger and Bobby Knight, which lead to this tweet among others... @davehiggins1: Visit to register your opinion of the announcers #kubball #big12

@SonnieJHawk: you wear that sacred shirt tomo, I'll pull my 1988 Final Four souvenir sweatshirt, hat, and cup out of mothballs! #kubball
@billselfsbrain Weather sucks.Wanted to watch the game in my snuggie,but #CindySelf poured me a thermos of Irish Coffee and told me to sack up. #kubball
@billselfsbrain Bryan Davis is old enough to be Sherron's father. #kubball #bryandavisisold Can I have #dannymanning suit up, too?
@tullycorcoran: B.J. Holmes with one of the least creative tattoos of all time. Left tricep: "B". Right tricep: "J". #kubball
@ BaileyMcC: "If you win the first half and win the second half youre gonna win the game" -Bob Knight uh, duh.#kubball
@littlescottie: TX must not want to win. How else can u explain Rick Barnes refusing to let Colt McCoy run the point?#kubball
@jasontarwater Did Clark Kellogg really just describe #mizzou as a sloppy joe? "Tasty but messy?" Did I just hear that? #kubball
@jchsloan Clark Kellogg makes me miss Billy Packer (spurtability? sloppy joe?) and that's hard to do. #kubball#clarkshouldgobacktostudio
@breezybriz: Dexter Pittman looks like he could eat Cole #kubball
@gavinesq: @breezybriz No, Pittman looks like he HAS EATEN Cole. #kubball
@billselfsbrain I'm grateful every single day #Mizzou chose Quinn Snyder over me. #kubball #ku
@JessiaSott Cole Aldrich has a haircut you can set your watch to. I love this team, y'all. #kubball
@jleib Wish #KU would have hired Frank Martin as our new football coach. #jayhawks #kubball
@chrissa21 Wheres the tums? Tied Game? fugggghhhhetaboutit! On to scotch! #kubball
@jasontarwater Whatever KU's defensive philosophy is today is so complicated it looks like they're not playing any defense. Very clever. #kubball
@RckChlkPrincess APB out for Cole Aldrich....if anyone sees him tell him we are playing a game right now #kubball

Game against Future NCAA Champs (wishful thinking since they beat Jayhawks) University of Northern Iowa  UNI...
@BradyMcCollough Not sure if this is coming across on CBS, but Bill Self has turned into a fire-breathing dragon named Selfior.#kubball
@JLangford KU fans spread out, main KU section is made up of what looks like williams fund donors #kubball #theydontcheer
@Spike_Says @CoachBillSelf tell the boys that alot of us #kansasalumni are OLD and cant handle the cat/mouse play! #kubball
@hannah_aileen it's about that time that I lose 5-10 followers.#kubball tweeting storm!
@Jayhawk96 Seven cars/trucks/SUVs at Mom & Dad's... ALL are either crimson or blue. Coincidence? #jayhawks #kubball
@KUMarkMadness If you've never sat courtside: It's impossible to describe how physical, fast the game is. And I still hear fans scream, "Push it!" #kubball
@ruralocity I can't decide whether March snowstorms or 3 point-chucking mid-majors make me angrier today. #kubball
@MarsVars I'm not sure whether to cry, throw up or drink a lot. COME ON, JAYHAWKS #kubball
@billselfsbrain I have less hair on my head than O'Rear has on his mutton chops. #kubball
@kben_ears i am currently wearing TWO jayhawk t-shirts. it better be worthwhile. #kubball
@TitsOnABoor: My son's face illustrates how I feel about this game #kubball
@BradyMcCollough #KU band playing "We're not gonna take it" ... hmmm .. #kubball
@FunnyMrBiggs To the #kstate fan I was giving a hard time last Saturday... I am sorry. Now please God let us turn this around.#kubball
@MisterHirsch Is there such a thing as the ref ending a game early because the home team is being embarrassed on their own court? #theyshould #kubball
@KansasHoops The NCAA has just given out the award for the most quiet home fans to Missouri #kubball
@FakeColeAldrich Ostertag just sent me a text sayin i should pose for playgirl! idk if "i" could fit on one pull out page #kubball

When the game is very close or we are losing...
My favorite tweet this season too... @gavinesq Attention #kubball fans: Go immediately to your lucky rituals and await further instruction.
@corinwallace: This is because I watched Kell on Earth instead of the first half!! DAMN YOU BRAVO!#kubball
@gavinesq: Now I cant see out of my left eye.#amihavingastroke #kubball
@KansasHoops Should I change my shirt? I have my @joe_college shirt on "It does not take 140 characters to say Texas A&M Sucks" #kubball
@chrissa21 I'm kinda pissed right now cuz of bad calls. So just sent a text to Knight to throw a chair for me. #kubball
@gavinesq Which #kubball fan is ignoring their lucky rituals? What is wrong with you?

Games at the Big 12 Tournament...
@tullycorcoran Well, it's that time again. A MU fan just yelled at somebody to perform a sex act on him. #kubball#youknowitsablowoutwhen
@chrissa21 In case u didn't hear me last week, I LOVE YOU MORNINGSTAR! #kubball
@c_thibodeaux I'm drenched with unwarranted boos. #kubball
@SonnieJHawk Went to Mizzou arena for my cousin's HS graduation. Get this- they have banners just for making the NCAA tourney. I laughed. #kubball
@MisterHirsch: I would rather have a sister in a whore house than a brother that's a Mizzou fan. #kubball
@scotthamele Why was Missouri late for so many games last year? Everytime they passed a sign that said "Clean Restrooms" they did. #kubball #jayhawks - I saw this girl during lunch today... check out her Jhawk tattoo! #KUbball  (photo of the back of girl with two Jayhawks n sunflowers)
@friesner Who sits in the fieldhouse???!!! RT @RockChalkJBlog: These seats aren't meant to sit in for 2.5 hours. Ugh #kubball
@BradyMcCollough After that missed free throw, K-State fans must feel like Mr. Belding when his brother Rod(ney) ruined the school rafting trip. #kubball
@jleib Wish #KU would have hired Frank Martin as our new football coach. #jayhawks
@DScottFritchen The crowd is booing. Apparently they wanted Samuels to be choked into submission.
@KCSuzy Now I'm tearing up. <3 RT: @KUSports: A touching photo of #sherroncollins welling up with coach Self pregame  #kubball 
@chrissa21 Wheres the tums? Tied Game? fugggghhhhetaboutit! On to scotch!#kubball
@ swonder44 Turge-on?? Suddenly Brent goes French?#kubball
@kundaic Well this is wierd. Every1 around me is discussing toxins in food. I can't stop thinking about what the hawks need 2 win. #kubball
@KCJetSetter: To the kid right behind the #kubball bench playing a PSP and not even watching the game, lets trade places.

Oklahoma State Game...
@megfie: a little bummed I cant consume enough alcohol to get me through this half#kubball
@RckChlkPrincess APB out for Cole Aldrich....if anyone sees him tell him we are playing a game right now #kubball
@jasontarwater: Wife just asked: "Is OSU playing that well or is KU playing crappy?" My answer: "Yes." #kubball
@StopHawk: I blame the headbands the cheerleaders wore from the last home game. #kubball
@chrissa21 Maybe just the color orange in general is bringing the Jayhawks down. A little nauseating in that quantity. #kubball
@corinwallace: Im pulling out the plan to listen to "friends in low places" backwards.#kubball

Missouri Game regular season... 
@Topcitykid5 Hey big money donors get back in your seats damnit, game is not over!!! #kubball the students are still there.
@scearstower I want to sue ESPN for cruel and unusual punishment...Bob Knight is the worst thing to happen to sports commentary #kubball
@MCG5: Cole Aldrich's brother and Eric Chenowith... separated at birth, apparently. #kubball
@91Jayhawk It's hilarious watching all the C-team #kubballplayers watch the pop up video on the scoreboard at AFH instead of listening to their coach.
@gavinesq: I keep asking this but is this an ass kicking or an ass pounding? #kubball
@scotthamele They are handing out the jumper cables at Missouri basketball arena right now. #kubball
@TKatherman: Kansas, I love you but those head bands... very head-wound-harry-ish. #kubball
@kgenhull No way. Tebow=abstain. Collins=3 kids. RT @RockChalkJBlog: Digger Phelps just compared to Sherron Collins to Tim Tebow. nooo. . . #kubball
@UDKbasketball Serious question:Has Xavier Henry stopped smiling since the Texas game? Havent seen it yet #kubball

I get a lot of facts and stats from #kubball fans too...
@KUSports @bmart24 #sherroncollins has only lost 2 games at Allen Fieldhouse, both during his freshman year 2006-07 (Oral Roberts/TA&M) #kubball
@mikegone  I see a theme: Syracuse, bucknell, okie st, Tennessee. Stop playing teams in orange? #kubball
@UDKbasketball: 3 by Marcus means I get to bring out my favorite stat. Jayhawks are undefeated when he hits a three.#kubball
@HH57 Bill Self has the same number of Big XII titles as he does losses at Allen Fieldhouse. Six. Stud. #kubball
@scotthamele KU's all-time 2,001st win feels pretty good. Moves into the the no.2 all-time wins spot #kubball #kansas
@jasontarwater And Kansas is also the only team to not lose within a week of being named No. 1 this season.#kubball
@mikekatzif Looks like Kansas might need a little extra 2nite against Tex A&M. Good thing I practiced my 10 ft jumper#kubball
@phogphans Congrats to @CoachBillSelf for victory's to many more ahead! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! #kubball
@UDKbasketball Scouts from the Heat and Grizzlies just left the building. Not much left to see. #kubball
@UDKbasketball According to pop up video, Withey chose number 5 because Danny Manning wore it with the Clippers. Suck up. #kubball
@tullycorcoran Fun Fact: Thomas Robinson voted "Most Likely to Suffer a Concussion" by a media panel. #kubball
@breezybriz Let's all watch Cole and 3 others hit half court shots again... #kubball   

@bobfescoe damn its good to be a Jayhawk I freaking love this place #kubball


kuirishgirlie said...

After a heartbreaking loss this reminded me of the hope and spirit that the Jayhawks (players, coaching staff and fans) have and will always have. I guess I didn't forget, but maybe for the hour or so that the loss sunk in, I misplaced this feeling. What a great collection of tweets that could only bleed crimson and blue. I laughed out loud at some of these, because I could remember the game being played, I could remember my reaction, and I couldn't have said anything better myself. Rock Chalk!

Corin Wallace said...

I cannot thank you enough for this! I really think this is a big - HUGE- idea in a simple, fun package! Sometimes, fans forget what makes sports so special. Being a fan is about being a part of a collective conversation - being frustrated, happy, stressed out and proud with other people who you might not know.
I honestly think - and I rarely overstate - that this is the future of being a fan for me. My dad and I used to IM through games, and now social media makes me feel connected to some really smart Jayhawk fans. It was a heartbreaking loss, but it was made better because of the amazing "tweeps" who shared the season.