Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 Businesses Using at Least One New Social Media Strategy in 2010

I want you to pick one... one thing about social media that will help you promote your business, yourself,  the not for profit you volunteer for, your child's school, your... whatever during 2010!   Just pick one new social media startegy that you can get excited about, sink your teeth into and implement.  Here are some movers and shakers and what they are planning on or all ready doing now that it's 2010.

Tom Babb's  Video Home Tours of Kansas City, is creating home video tours for realtors to get an edge on the sluggish and hopefully changing real estate market.  Brilliant! So much better than the single shots per room that give you little to no depth perception or the 360 cam that was confusing and completely distorting depth.  Tom's video tours will put you there... in the home... on the property.  It'll be ideal for those of us who are busy working all week and little time to physically visit several homes.  Perfect for those out of towners, pre-choosing homes to tour while their time in town is limited.  Furthermore, it's yet another tool for realtors to recognize buying signals from prospective clients.  If a client has taken the time to view a home and has gone another step to actually contact the realtor... well game on because they are ready!  I love this video option!

Anne Williams of  Professional Resume' out of San Francisco, will be creating online resume pages for clients along with an option for a personal video message to future employers,  in the near future. The video is "an absolute MUST" according to Anne. Anne also says she's currently utilizing social media for brand awareness and plans to blog and post relevant job descriptions from around the country, as well as information on interviewing skills and targeting the right position.  Amazing how a simple piece of paper we once brought in to an interview with us, has changed.  I really like the option of a personal branding video message.  Financially savvy employers are also interviewing via Skype, to avoid large travel expenses.  To me these steps really hammer home our "universal identity" and how we brand ourselves.  It's getting so interesting... isn't it?

Amy Barickman of The Vintage Workshop and Indygo Junction is preparing to create simple 1 to 2 minute "How To" videos for the crafting world.  Amy has a lot of experience in front of the camera (The Martha Stewart Show, Sewing With Nancy and many many expos and conferences throughout the U.S.) so this seems like a natural progression for her companies.  She will be able to personalize herself even more by letting viewers in on projects currently in progress. She can show the viewer how to create a simple craft or a portion of a craft project as an educational tool.  I even smell a live podcast, once a week with the same bat time and same bat place in her future.  She can bring in special guests or SKYPE with them via webcam and let the viewers ask questions too.  Her industry is all visual and these changes will She's also looking into making her many books, e-books.  For the first time ever, 2009 saw more books bought digitally than in paper. 

Roger Smith Hotel in NYC, has started the year by playing games with their followers via Twitter.  Today they announced their 1st winner of the #RogerRooms suite give-a-way.  All anyone had to do was tweet their guess as to which card, from a regular playing deck, was in the promoter's hand.  The winner is @alieter who celebrated by Re-Tweeting (called RT) the winner tweet announcement...  "Woo Hoo! RT @RSHotel Winner of #RogersRooms, with the 8 of Clubs is @aleiter free suite in Jan!!"    What a fun way to create buzz and excitement amongst your followers.  Better yet they tell their friends to play too and Roger Smith Hotels didn't even have to encourage them to do so!  Truly a word of mouth campaign success. At the time of this blog, I wasn't sure how often, if at all, they would be doing this particular game.  I can't wait to see what they come up with next! 

What social media tool are you thinking of using?

(Amy Barickman's Indygo Junction purses photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine)

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Connie said...

Well now, there's a tweet I could have fun following: Roger Smith Hotel's interactive and REWARDING tweets sound like so much fun. And way to go, @ProResume. Video resumes really take it to the next level!