Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Social Media Can Get You On the News

  I smiled really big when I got the call from Sky Tracker News videographer, Tom Babb, (he's dreamy... you'll have to view my Facebook page to know why I mention that.) saying he'd read my blog and was asking if one of KSHB TV's reporters could interview me... about the leak in my ceiling.  Apparently Tom read my blog about the huge icicles, then saw my posts on Facebook and read the numerous comments from others who were commiserating about the same challenge in their homes.

He knew there was a story there.  Isn't social media great?  (insert bigger SMILE)

Here is the short story KSHB Channel 41 News ran during the 10pm news, last night. Hopefully with more information, they will follow up later on with  what ice dams are, how to prevent the ice dams from starting and what insurance agents are saying about covering this unusual form of damage throughout our region.  I'm sure there's more to come.

Here is Brandon, KSHB 41's reporter who came out to film the damage and interview me.  He was cute and made me forget to put lipstick on.  I'll be ready with a tube for the papparrazzi in the future though.


Sky said...

You know Tom Babb? OMG your right he is DREAMY and I love Sky Tracker especially SkyTrackerTV on YouTube! Did you know they have a Facebook page too? It's great.

Love what you do girlfriend!


bjbillinger said...

Hey it's Brandon the photog from 41. Don't worry about the lipstick you looked great. I tried to talk to a roofer but by the time I was able to make it over to the one I was going to talk to he had left. Hopefully you are finding out some answers. If there is anything else developing on your roof be sure and let us know