Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Word of Mouse Wins Porter Hovey a Role on AMC's Mad Men!

Congratulations to Kansas City naitive Porter Hovey for winning a walk on role at AMC's Mad Men for season 4, Fall 2010.   Porter is a freelance photographer in NYC and when this opportunity arose, she and her sister, Hollister Hovey, compiled the chic look with vintage clothes and accessories... and took some shots.  It worked!  From what I could tell, back in August, Porter was one of the few, upon thousands and thousands of entries, to dress for the era.  Her effort paid off.   On Nov. 19th, AMC announced her as the winner of the Banana Republic Mad Men Role contest!

I couldn't wait to ask questions and she has graciously obliged.  Being in the thick of social media, my mind was whirling thinking about how awesome this process went down using social networks and blogging.  Porter and Hollister both posted the link to vote on their websites and KABLAM! ... word of mouse began.  Others began posting Porter's submitted photo and AMC voting link on their blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages.  According to AMC, Porter was the early front runner and it pretty much stayed that way.  To think that so many strangers took the time to read a message from a friend, go to the link, click to vote... sometimes for many days...  is humbling to Porter.  The use of social media as word of mouse (like word of  mouth, but on the web... you get it, I know...) was textbook perfect.  Or should I say e-book perfect.

Here is our brief interview...  enjoy her thoughtful responses:

Q:  How do you feel about what’s to come your way… publicity, paparazzi, calls from old boyfriends to get back together and such…?

I’m pretty excited about everything. Throughout the process, it has been great reconnecting with old friends. But it was the support from strangers that I found truly amazing. It’s quite a lot to log onto a website every day so some gal you’ve never met can have her 15 minutes. It was utterly cool and humbling to see so many people take the time and be so kind.

Q:  Are you a “Jackie” or a “Marilyn” or other? Explain? (Mad Men's Don Draper said all women want to be Jackie Onasis or Marilyn Monroe)

It’s a hard one . . . Even though I try to flirt like Marilyn, I lean more toward Jackie. For years, I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with the Kennedy family and even dedicated a semester-long photo project to them.

Ironically, in the way that Jackie gracefully became the cornerstone of the family during times of crisis, it’s Joan who fills that role at Sterling Cooper. Betty, the outwardly more Jackie-esque character, tries her best to keep it together while teetering on the brink – much more like Marilyn. I suppose I’m a less polished, ever slightly less graceful hybrid of them both - with a tad less smoldering angst than Marilyn.

Q:  With the strong overtones of sexism throughout MadMen, and you being such a Renaissance woman… do you have any concerns about what kind of female role they’ll give you?

I’m not worried at all. I think that’s really what’s so wonderful about the show – even though these women are in mostly traditional roles, they’re all very strong and independent in their own right. I’m excited to see where I fall into the story line – even if it will just be the background.

Q:  Your photo submitted in the MadMen voting, had you in what seemed a perfect era of clothing. What is your authentic style?

I’ve always considered myself pretty preppy with a hip edge. I love classic vintage finds. I look to the classics for inspiration and then try to add my own unique spin to them. My mom was always adamant about the importance of wearing nice shoes, bags and jewelry. So I tend to wear a lot of basics and mix in the accessories. You can’t tell in the photo, but I actually have a sharp, ‘20s style bob, which is like a vintage accessory in itself – and probably my most iconic feature to those who know me.

Q:  What childhood experiences do you have that will help guide you through this new one?

My mom’s constant nagging to straighten my back! I cannot look like quasi modo in a sweater set on national television!

Q:  What do you feel was the biggest contribution to winning the contest?

I couldn’t believe the out pouring of support from the blogosphere. My sister and I posted the link on both of our blogs. Suddenly everyone was excited about it and wanted to help out get the vote out! Michael Williams (A Continuous Lean) posted it on his twitter page, Joanna Goddard (Cup of Jo) posted it on her blog, and it really went from there. I couldn’t have done this alone with just my friends. I’ve never experienced anything like it!

 Q:  If a movie were to be made about this experience, what current actress would you like to see portray you… and why?

I’m just in love with Carey Mulligan. I thought her performance in An Education was brilliant! She’s now one of my new favorite young actresses. She just really lights up the screen with such a presence and carries herself with such maturity and poise – just like I do. Ha!

Q:  Have you always wanted to act on the stage, TV or movies?

Well . . . I’ve always been a bit dramatic! : )

Thank you Porter for playing along and we give you a tip of our Jackie O pillbox hats in honor of your win!

Here is a photo of Porter and her sister, Hollister, in their apartment in NYC... what's not to  like... dark walls, animal heads, fencing gear, apothecary cabinets ... omg... I want to move right in!  This is definitely the look of someone who SHOULD be a star!    I'll keep you posted as filming begins.  WOOT!

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