Friday, September 18, 2009

The Only Downfall Is... Now I Have to Wear More Makeup

I did it... I acquired a web cam.

"Acquired" only because my husband did the actual hopping in the car, to Micro Center and purchased the camera for me and installed it. (shout out to Matt! You're the BEST!) He even seemed a little excited to do it too. So much so, the box he got had TWO cameras in it. One for him and one for me. Now... what's he going to do with his? hmmmm... I keep hyping up the idea that I'll get a camera and start a chubby chasers porn site and make tons of money and retire. I figure I could sit topless and eat a big ol' juicy 6" sub sandwich with turkey, cream cheese, sprouts and bacon on wheat from my favorite sub sandwich store... Planet Sub... and some guy will think that's the sexiest damn thing he's ever seen. A little juice from the hot toasted sandwich running down my cleavage. Easiest money I could ever make.

But alas, that is not the plan and far from it. I'm doing a little social media contract work for my friends at Socialology, Inc. They are a social media company out of NYC who are helping businesses brand themselves better on the web. It's been VERY interesting and really rewarding. From the git go though, these guys wanted to SKYPE conference call, twice a day. I had heard about Skype'ing... so what a great time to jump in and get a web cam. Conference calling will never be the same.

I quickly announced on my status update at Facebook during my first video conference call "I'm Skype'ing! I'm Skype'ing!" and the requests for "contact" on Skype came pouring in! Apparently many of my friends and biz contacts have web cams too. Fabulous!!! I feel part of an elite club now, sitting way up on a hill, looking down at all the people who are still using audio calls only. Those poor people. If only they could see the view from up here. LOL! A married couple who are friends of mine that live nearby, told me they Skype each other frequently throughout the day ... despite sitting 20 feet from each other at their home based business! Bwahahaha! Check them out... Felice and Bryan Azorsky at Bagettes. They make photo bags and purses and cosmetic bags... so damn clever. I still laugh imagining them Skype'ing and discussing who's going to walk 15 feet and let the dogs out the back door. LOL!

I highly recommend a web cam. They are affordable at $10 to $20 apiece and the Skype software is a free download on to your computer and of course there are packages with upgrades I haven't even delved into yet, that you can purchase. Apparently web cams today come with built in microphones, so you don't have to purchase that either. So really, if you have family, friends or clients more than a few hours drive away, this is fabulous! Send one to a client that you work with frequently. Save your gas. Use your valuable time more wisely. With a web cam, very little can get lost in translation. Let me know if you get one... we'll Skype!

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