Thursday, September 10, 2009

Curious Sofa's FREAK SHOW!

The Halloween Freak Show starts Friday, Sept. 11th. The Curious Sofa is at 3925 W. 69th Terr. in Prairie Village, KS 66208 phone: 913 432 8969 Their website is and the owner, Debbie Dusenberry, has a dynamite blog HERE . Please take a moment to check it out... she always has great communications as to what is coming up at the store and what is going on within the retail industry. The bonus is... she takes fabulous photos. Sweeeeet blog Deb! (You'll see Deb with her tophat in with the crazy lit up doll heads in one of the photos)

I got a sneak peek of the Halloween FREAK SHOW... hope you like the shots.

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