Friday, May 7, 2010

They Have Far Exceeded My Expectations

I love a great sale and I adore great customer service. 

Give me what I want and based on that, give me something more that you know I'll need soon.   Convey to me you are the expert I will need when I have a question about your industry.  Leave me uttering the words "Wow".  Make me smile the entire conversation because you've not only fixed my challenge but cut another one off at the pass... one I didn't even know was looming off in the distance.   Leave me with the sincere impression that you care about my business and how I can help the businesses I care about too.  Actually give me the inspiration to write your name and direct number/email down when you offer it up unsolicited.

Then... two days later, send me an email you're having a 2 hour FREE seminar 5 miles from my house in the same month on the same issue I was contacting you about.

OMG...  Constant Contact.  I love you.

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Jennifer said...

I also love CC. have used it since 2005 and it's only gotten better. Great help desk, improving features, etc.

I had 1 negative experience - we started an account for the last school auction and I didn't shut down the account correctly. I was billed for another 10 months before I caught it on my statement. I sent them an email to say, "If you see an account with NO activity for that long maybe a reminder email would be nice." I feel like they would've charged me forever.

Of COURSE it's my fault for being a dumbass. But I guess I'd like dumbass protection from them.

I got an email from a customer service manager who said that was a good idea and their intention was not to bill me for eternity - that they should pay attention to inactive accounts.

It wasn't enough to sour me on constant contact and, again, this was clearly my fault. I appreciated hearing from a real person.