Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fly On a Wall

I recently had lunch with two of my favorite people in and out of social media ... Zena Weist (H&R Block) and Christine Hamele (Parris Communications).  We met up at Smashburger in Leawood.  It was a lovely day and one of the few over the last two weeks that wasn't raining.   Some how, some way, these two wonderful Kansas City ladies had never met.  It was my pleasure to introduce them.

Right away through regular ol' conversation, they rattled off a half a dozen names of people they had in common and had worked with.  Over the course of the next hour and 40 minutes, they engaged in some wonderful social media/marketing/public relations related conversations that left me feeling crazy fortunate to witness.   Of course they were inclusive with me during these discussions, but I didn't want to muck up the quality.  So I was the quietest I may have been in a very long time.

These are two great minds sharing ideas, experiences and opportunities...   would I have looked ridiculous taking notes?  I really wanted to.  I smiled ear to ear, like the village idiot and soaked up all the goodness they were providing. I was the happiest fly on a wall.

If you want to meet some great minds in Kansas City too, the Social Media Club of Kansas City has done an incredible job of pulling like minded folks together.  It's FREE... check them out.

Thanks Christine for treating us!  Here's our delish spread at Smashburger...


Zena Weist said...

You, my friend, are extremely modest! You are an amazing connector. Thank you for getting Chris and I together!

Jacinta said...

I have GOT to go to Smashburger soon!