Friday, January 6, 2012

Stop. Collaborate and Glitter

For the last couple of years, I've had a glitter house party over the holidays with some of my friends.  They have to make their house. I do this not only to get out of sending cards (yes, yes, I know) but to purty up their own home, but to have a few laughs, drink a few drinks and get caught up with each other too.  This year the masterpieces were more beautiful than last year!  As if something completely glitterfied isn't awesome enough, the end products just keep getting better and better.

Last year we churned out these kinds of beauties:  This is Susann Ogg's.
We hit the dime stores for the trees, fake lights for the roof, parchment paper for the windows, battery lights for inside the houses, wreaths and tchotckes throughout. We were happy.
This year, some new items. I got fencing, more crapola to put on the house and around it, more plants, different ornamental pieces for the where ever one wanted...  and here are a few of the results:
Kim Howie:  Kim is an professional artist and it was fun to watch her process every move.  She was very observant to see what others were using and thank God this activity wasn't beneath her. LOL! It was her first attempt and I love love love the red roof! 
 This is Susann Ogg's house this year:  We all definitely piled it on more than last year.  She brought items she had searched for, far and wide.  The bottle brush pink and white tree from TJ Maxx, along with the icicle trims around the roofline, the borders around the windows... it all worked.
Here's Susann's village of houses from years past.

My 9 yr old daughter, In typical tween fashion, reaffirmed that you can never have enough glitter or crap on your house. She even put a tree INSIDE the home, a deer at the door (she even glittered it!) and originally had the silver pipe cleaner curled like smoke coming from the chimney.  Kim Howie added the pillow stuffing inside of the curl for a more real smokey effect.  Brilliant.
This is my house.  It's hard to tell, but I put red glitter on the reindeer's nose and put that sucka on top of the house.  Was he waiting for Santa?  Got left behind? I'll let you decide.  I took the smoke idea, the fencing idea and the scrolly swirls for the sides of the house, from others.  
There were 4 others who decorated, but they took theirs home before I could clean the glitter off my hands and the hot glue from my fingertips enough to snap a shot.  We can't wait to do this again. Everyone's already on Pinterest and Ebay to find the best enhancements for next year. We'll collaborate.  We'll glitter.  

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