Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh the Horror of this Confession!

I really enjoy horror movies.  

Another confession:  I laugh when it gets scary.

Recently I hooked up with the Kansas City Horror Club (685 strong!) and they too like horror movies and tend to get a good laugh from them.  The photo above is of  Justin Gardner and Curtis Smith, two longtime members.

I've tried for years to get people to join me at the theatre for some good screaming fun on opening nights or weekends of horror, without much luck.  So imagine my joy in finding this group on Facebook!  We've been communicating through posts on the club page via Facebook, about various horror movies and reviews, and many signed up to see this movie, The Devil Inside, together at this event.  

They are my peeps.

I got cool swag for showing up too. 
I got this cool poster for The Devil Inside, an awesome hat and a horror book!

The book came from a librarian who is an fanatic in the horror genre.  She brought 6 books as giveaways.  Cool.   One guy is totally into 70's and 80's slasher films. Another just got done editing a movie before he came to the theatre.  Another works for movie giant, AMC Theaters and helps pull these viewings together. There was a husband and wife team who had already seen The Devil Inside, but wanted to hang out with the group on this day too.  That's a nice testimony to the club.

I met in person and had a nice conversation with about a dozen people, before the show even started.  The nice thing was, I knew many of them before we met, because of Facebook and the interactions and familiarity on there.   

You've gotta love the power of social networking.

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