Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perk #142 of Working From Home...

There are many obvious perks about working from home, but the latest became apparent on Monday morning. The #142nd perk is... when you're car gets stolen, like mine did two days ago, you can still make it to and from work.  

Yep, my precious 1996 Jeep Country, with a big ol' cracked windshield, license plate taped to the back window all classy like, fabric on the ceiling drooping down like a circus tent... was stolen.  It was a car only I could love... or so I thought.  Taken in broad daylight from a bookstore parking lot.  It's not as if I left it at a bar all night in some wild drinking district.  I also found out the police do not do APB's anymore.  (All Points Bulletin).  Don't laugh too hard... I really wanted them to do one.  Wouldn't you?  

So as of the end of this week, my official search will begin for a new, or rather "another" car.   Being I am a bit of a JEEK (Jeep Geek) the new Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep Wrangler has caught my eye...   Maybe it could stay with me for 14 years like my M.I.A. Jeep now has. (still might... we'll see)

This time, I am getting The Trunk Monkey to protect it.


DowellTaggart said...

It wasn't stolen, it turned itself in in order to allow you the opportunity to procure a newer, more capable TOYOTA 4RUNNER!

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