Monday, November 29, 2010

Confession Time: I'm in the Witness Protection Program

Well, at least it feels like I am.  

Since my fabulous 1996 Jeep Cherokee was stolen 2 weeks ago... no one knows me.  I am driving my husband's Maxima and sometimes "Big Blue", a huge Ford pick up, and as I see my neighbors and families of my children's school, I wave.  They just look at the car like "who the hell is that"?   

It's me!  These are people who would all but flag me down as they saw me arrive in my old Jeep.   Damn.  It's like identity theft. I had my identity stolen when my 14 year old Jeep was stolen.

Time to work on re-branding myself... on wheels.  
Side note:  I joined a gym too.

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