Friday, February 5, 2010

Giddy, Slightly Over Animated & Cotton Mouth

Yesterday... I met a few rock stars within the social media industry... Steve Crescenzo and Chris Brogan.  Both were passing out laughs and wisdom at the IABC Business Communicators Summit in Kansas City.  Paired with several local social media rock stars (Zena Weist, Whitney Mathews, Jason Gertzen, Matt Tidwell and Bryan Truta to name a few), I was giddy, terribly over animated and develop a bad case of cotton mouth during my short presentation.  I'm sure I left many with the feeling of shock and awe.  

Gray was the color theme apparently in our photos... LOL!  Steve Crescenzo has the "Mr. Clean" hair style and Chris Brogan has the goatee.  Steve is doing exactly what he tells corporate communications departments not to let the executives do in photos... look constipated.  So to help him overcome that... I've included another one with him smiling...  and he was all smiles yesterday.  

Despite my wild eye'd and wide open mouth appearance, I had a truly great time!  Loads of laughs and as I explained to another social media junkie friend of mine, "it wasn't earth shattering information, but it was a strong reminder that our communication is all about people and people's experiences."  Steve said "Do not say or accept this phrase ever again: That's the way we've always done it".   Amen.  Corporate Communications is no longer. It's Creative Communications from now on. Steve had wonderful examples and a few before and after's.  Incredibly inspirational!  Chris' easy going approachable style was one reminder after another ... to listen.  So we can genuinely respond.   

They both are all about PEOPLE.  All about reaching back when someone reaches out to you... and vice versa.  If you get a chance to see either of these outstanding men up front and center... do.  It's the jump start we all need in this ever changing world, to start having fun with work and play.

side note: 
Look at the Uptown Theater.  Turns out they're on Twitter too. I'd only been there for concerts the last few decades.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out there are a lot of conference rooms and wonderful full service catering.  Fanastic!  The theater decor' though, has always reminded me of the Swedish Village at Worlds of Fun


Black Dog said...

Oh, mama, you make me laugh! Sounds like a great time. If I lived anywhere around you - it'd be dangerous!

laura wynn said...

Great read! I truly feel like I was there! YOU, my friend, are the rock star. I'm lucky to be in your fan club!

Anonymous said...

I see that picture of inside The Uptown and I start looking for the line for the funnel cakes.

Steve Crescenzo said...

THanks for the great write up!! Please let everyone know that I'm not really THAT fat, and I am rarely constipated!! The camera hates me; it always has, and always will!

Great meeting you!

Steve C.

Jenn Hall - V said...

Alexis - you write really well. I felt like I was a part of your day. I am really glad that you are around after 30'ish years or so (ouch). Also, you are a great inspiration as I navigate this social media madness for myself!

Alexis Ceule said...

Oh Steve! You are fantastic! You have a million dollar smile and I loved how you didn't shirk away from getting my photo with me. You easily could have and I'll always remember how genuine and sincere you are. You made my day... you were a pleasant surprise and you set the tone for the next few days. Thank you! Now... let me introduce you to you can put your face on Matthew McConaughy's body if you want. Hence... my face on Victoria Beckham's in my Google avatar. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis Ceule said...

Black Dog, Laura and Jenn... thanks for the kind words. I wish you all were there! It was just what I needed and I bet any amount it was a boost you would have appreciated too! Find them online and make plans to see them in person. WOOT!