Friday, July 31, 2009

Smart Women at the Helm!

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I saw a tweet about Dianna Huff's B2B blog today... 25 Smart Women in Social Media to Follow on Twitter. Having met some amazing people already through social networks, about social media, I just had to take a look. Some I knew of, or I was already following and most I did not know at all. But I want to.

These women have many common threads... they are all go-getters, they are entrepreneuers, some are Chiefs of Marketing and Content and some are VP's or Directors of Social Media. One is a wardrobe consultant, a few are best selling authors, some are in public relations while others are doing analysis for companies... but one thing they all do is... BLOG. Not blogs about trying products companies paid them to write about for them... but blogs about us. Blogs about the perspective of consumers, like us, navigating our way through this new technology. Blogs about businesses trying to manuever with us and somehow get ahead of the game. No fear though... we consumers are in the drivers seat and we're steering the reactions of business for the first time... maybe ever. It's nice to know so many thoughtful women are at the helm on the business side... listening. I mean really listening and nurturing these relationships between the hard cold business world and the real world now.

Please click the link above and give these women a quick read... then read more if you so desire. They are what I think we all want to be associated with: They are clever, well spoken, enthusiastic, passionate, educated, compassionate and pioneers with a boat load of moxy. What's not to love about that?

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