Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Light of My Last Blog

Are you a TREASURE hunter like moi'? Exciting news for you then... 20th Century Props is closing their doors after 40 years! They've supplied props to countless movies and television shows... holy cow! Check out their SALE pdf by clicking THIS and take a gander at the "treasures" they've stockpiled for yeeeeearrrs! I've got my eye on the maritime stuff... goes with the whole STEAMPUNK style I apparently am. I hope you find something fun to fantasize bidding for. It's all going to be via AUCTION.

The auction starts July 28th through the beginning weeks of Aug. Here's more information:
The Contra Costa Times reports this afternoon that 20th Century Props has decided to close its business. With an inventory of over 91,000 pieces, items are expected to be auctioned off in late July.
Tony Castro of The Times reports that founder and owner Harvey Schwartz this week made the decision to close the company, suffering from the recession as well as the Screen Actors Guild labor dispute which was resolved. Items from the 200,000 square foot warehouse will be offered at auction in the last four days of July. The collection is insured at $8 million but valued as high as $30 million. Included is the 20th Century Fox Studio prop department purchased by Mr. Schwartz in 1994.
Happy shopping!

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