Thursday, November 21, 2013

FREE Chiefs Tickets for Chargers Game: How To Get Them

If you want 2 FREE tickets & a parking pass for the San Diego Chargers game on Sunday Nov 24th...  and you're objective, plus you care about the experience the average person has at a Chief's game (from the parking to purchasing a beer) and you're observant...  these can easily be yours.  Plus, you will be available for tickets toSporting KC games and the other Chiefs games remaining.  Think: detail oriented, observant and objective.  

  Service Scouts is a company The Chiefs use to "mystery shop" their facility on game day.  You can bring a friend to join you on this "shopping" experience.  Service Scouts will tell you exactly what you need to observe, where and to who.  If you put some effort in early on when you arrive, you'll be done by kick off and able to enjoy the entire game.  
The following is the request from Tracy Keller of Service Scouts, "I am looking for shoppers to complete evaluations at this event. Parking is reimbursed. Two tickets will be provided along with either a parking pass or reimbursement for parking."  (I've received the parking pass each time with the tickets)
This is my son, Jackson who went with me, meeting up with some of the cheerleaders before the game. 
He and I had a blast and of course with the Chiefs playing so well, everyone else at the stadium is having a great time too.  

There is is some time online after the game is over, that must be completed within a certain timeframe.   Being observant and objective are key.  Take notes and photos with your phone to use in your report.  The sooner you begin to complete the online evaluation of your experience, the fresher it is in your memory.   So my advice is to get online as soon as you get done with the shop.

Tracy will be doing a phone "training" session on Friday, Nov. 22nd at 4 pm central.  So contact her immediately to get on this call.   I'll be at this weekend's game with my co-pilot, Jackson, again.  We're ready for some laughs again.

Here's her contact information:

Please email me at                   
If you are interested in this shop please log in to:

Good luck and see you at the game!

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