Monday, April 9, 2012

The JoyKill of Social Networks...SPAM Hits Pinterest

I knew it wouldn't take long and now that I've seen one spammer, they are flooding the site.  *Sigh*  I clutch my heart and hope to goodness these un-fun spammers don't ruin this wonderfully visual new social network, Pinterest. The photos are lovely and as an information resource for all that is cool, crafty, cooking, clothing and kookie, it's my favorite "time suck" website.

There several ways to SPAM, but these on Pinterest tend to present themselves as one thing, when you click to inquire more, it leads you to another.  Here's an example.

See the darling baby in a lobster costume in the chef's big cooking pot held by his mommy?  I've put a big circle with a line across it to make it easier for you to identify.  You want to know more about that adorable costume?  Forget it, if you click the link you got shot to this website   Uhg.  The user who posted it has 45 boards on Pinterest and only 1 "like".  The jig is up!

Here's an interesting infographic on "social spam" and the lower part on how to be a good social content provider to networks.   Twitter recently took several "Spam Companies" to court!  We're hoping they win.

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