Thursday, February 23, 2012

These Shoes Ruined My Knees

Yes, these innocent looking shoes.

They are simple saddle shoes. 

I wore them from 4th grade through high school, cheerleading. 

Jumping, cheering, they supported me as I supported the team as the base of every pyramid, wearing them in and out of school, on and off school season. There is no arch support, they are slippery as heck (great for hanging on the back bumper of cars and hitching a lift up a steep hill on a snowy day) and really, what goes with a clunky black and white shoe?

Truth be told, they are my favorites. I created a slew of wonderful memories in them.  Some I could tell you, some I would rather not.  Saddle shoes were crazy comfortable and they worked well with jeans, which are a staple of my current wardrobe.  

I want to thank Candice Riddle who posted them on her Childhood Memories Board on Pinterest.  Take a look... and be ready to have your head swirl in memories!

My knees haven't heeled completely, but I'm willing to blame lots of other fun activities in my 20's and 30's toward the damage done to them.  I'm ready to trade in my nurse looking Sketchers Shape Ups for the awesomeness of the saddle shoe.

If you know where I can get saddle shoes, leave me a comment.

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