Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ZaZa Voom!

At the ZaZa Hotel look what greets you in bed... 
Here's a closer look... 
Does it make you smile like it did me?  Thank my husband, Matt, for sending me the photo.  He knew it would thrill me.

I appreciate this non-corporatey anti-cookie cutter feel from ZaZa.  This type of connection with the customer is what I personally respond to very well.   Yes, I want the pillow and sets the tone for wanting more of the same from the rest of the hotel.

I immediately jumped on the social networks to see if ZaZa Hotel had the same kind of charm and cleverness online.  Their Facebook page is... hold on to your chair...  automated to their Twitter page too. *Gasp*.  Sadly, they are not social at all on the Twitter account despite looking like they would have a charismatic voice online with plenty to chat about.  It's a shame too because they could be having a lot of fun with that account.   

I'll try not to hold it against them.  I like this pillow way too much to turn away from them.  Go where the people are and kick it up a notch online ZaZa Hotel.  You're just what a lot of us are looking for.  A hotel with personality.

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Sally said...

Looks like a social media opportunity, Mama!