Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Party Hardy and Capture It Like This

Gawd I love a great party pic!  
Are you having a holiday party this season?  Well you'll have to plan on having a homemade "photo booth".  

It's basically a specific area for photos to be taken of your guests.  It's a consistent background for everyone, so it lets the objects of the photo really take center stage. 

It couldn't be easier.  Staging could be as simple as a quilt or blanket on a clothesline in the backyard... 
or a mock wall with wallpaper
or how about picture frames to peekaboo through...  
or picture frames to hold...
and don't forget other props, like these!  How great would these be for Thanksgiving?
easiest of all would be the simple butcher paper on the wall declaring the event.

I think people would  most certainly rise to the occasion and ham it up nicely.  You may need to hire a photographer or a friend with a great camera to take the shots for  a specific amount of time. Heck even one of today's phones would work beautifully and you could easily post the pics to a site, like Flickr, PicPlz, Pinterest or perhaps Instagram.  Share it with the world!

What a fun keepsake for your guests and for you, the party host.

Happy holiday partying!

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