Monday, August 22, 2011

AWK! It's Not That Hard!

I adore the small details of great customer service and a great sale.  Like saying "My pleasure" as opposed to "No problem".  I particularly like good eye contact during a transaction or from any one on one time with an employee or representative. Oh and a great listener!  Don't you?   

I was reminded recently, to use a few of my Groupon coupons, by Groupon (thank you the email) and got on the horn to make arrangements.  One of the businesses, who willing opted their company in for a Groupon deal left me with my jaw dropped in stunned silence.

Lame O biz rep, "Good morning, how can I help you?"
Me, "Hi!  I was reminded by Groupon that the coupon I got with you all is about to expire.  I'd like to set that appointment up before it's too late."
Lame O biz rep, as she put the phone down and possibly talking to another co-worker, "Oh gawd... another f_ cking Groupon!".  She turned the phone over to a scheduler.

Really?  REALLY? 

I tried to shake off the unwelcome response from the Groupon business and headed to lunch with a client.  We met up at Johnny's Tavern in the Power & Light District in KC, MO and got Mary, as our server. She was attentive, chipper, looked my lunch date and I in the eyes, she seemed happy to be there and happy to serve us.  In the end, she wrote a few things on my To Go box to help me out... "Johnny's" and the date (very helpful info, especially since most to go boxes look alike) and a short note thanking us for coming in and to come back soon. Whew!  A biz that does care and showed me they do.

It took her less than 10 seconds for her to do what she did, but the thoughtfulness has had me talking about it for days.  See how easy that was?  It's not that hard to make people happy.

What have you done lately for your clients or your family to show them in a simple way you care?  It was a great reminder for me.  The lunch sack napkin notes to my kids are in full swing.

Here's Mary...  she was showing us the new low cal drink menu.  Johnny's must be thrilled with her. We were.  (picture taken while checking in on Foursquare)

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