Sunday, January 30, 2011

Damn These Kids are Lucky

Over the last two days I've witnessed this rock'n piece of artwork go up on a bland dusty 45 year old brick elementary school foyer wall.
A volunteer designed it. 
A volunteer painted it. 
A volunteer made the gazillion colorful flags on the ceiling. 
A few more volunteers taped off and painted the colorful side boxes and several more added eye candy in the large foyer.  

Now, I stand here... hands resting on my hips... shift my weight to one leg... slowly turn my head to the side... squint my eyes... take a deep breath... and I look at this painting and say "Damn these kids are lucky".
Thank you volunteers for being wired the way you are!


Felice said...

Thanks for posting this Alexis. It's gorgeous and yes are kids are damn lucky. Can't wait to see it.

Felice said...

would be nice if I could spell - OUR kids.

Leslie said...

Although you only claim to be an enthusiast and not an expert, you come across very much an expert! Wish you'd come & share your wickedly awesome personality & knowledge with IMSMOP!