Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Confession # 88

Motor oil is motor oil, right?

My confession is...  I spent almost a solid 30 seconds at another car trying to get in it, before I realized it wasn't  our car.   

Granted, ours is a new car (month or so old) and it's not my primary car.   The twin car I tried to take home with me was the same color, had four doors, four wheels, a sunroof, a windshield.  How could I have confused it?  

I know diddly squat about cars.  I'm also the same girl who thinks Pacers and Porsches  look a bit alike... with their wide bottoms and all.  Now, if the new car looked like this, there wouldn't be a problem.  I'd just have to park it and position it like this every time I got out.


Vicki said...

haha! Once in college, my roomie and I went to the video store in our friend's car. When we left the store, we got into the wrong car by accident! I don't think anyone saw us... it was pretty funny though.

Alexis Ceule said...

Bahahaha Vicki! I have had a lot of responses, to this, especially on Facebook. I'm thrilled I'm not alone. LOL!