Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Evolving

What a difference a year makes in social media and digital technology for the Social Media Mamapreneur!

I've gone from simply researching via social networks for clients to tweeting and Facebook updating for them, to live tweeting at events and now preparing to live stream video and tweeting from concerts.  Wow!  I'm having a blast, if you can't tell.  I really appreciate my clients willingness to try everything and anything through social media.  Every time I think this new industry has kicked into warp speed, I'm blown away by the clever new ways to use it.

If you haven't already, check out the Old Spice campaign and their online video blogs that respond to what some people tweeted to their @OldSpice account and to what bloggers have been saying about them.   It almost brings a tear to my eye how well they are utilizing social networks.  Smartly, they aren't overdoing it... it's coming to an end, but you can still view the numerous responses on the Old Spice Youtube page.  It's out there, forever.

Current accounts I'm fortunate to work with and who are willing to let me try whatever I can through social media are:  @SantaFeTow and on Facebook too, @JohnnysTavernPV (represents all 8 locations though and all 8 have their own Facebook page too), @HarrahsNKC , @VoodooKC and keepin it going for @BigSlickKC  as well as Facebook, as next years event is already being worked on.  2 new not for profit events are on the calendar.

I haven't been blogging due to time constraints. I'll try to remedy that, because there's tons to share right now.

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Lara Galloway said...


Love your enthusiasm and your willingness to learn and evolve to help your clients! I'm with ya--Social Media is a lot of fun to learn about and play with, and it's a great resource for business. Lucky your clients have your help to play in this space.

Take care,
Lara Galloway
The Mom Biz Coach