Thursday, August 27, 2009

Confession Time...

I have a confession to make.... I want a webcam.

I didn't want one for a long time. The stigma behind it was too related to porn. But I heard about a application coming out now, that will allow you to do video email. I think I'm liking that idea more every second.

My friend, Amy Barickman, has a few companies that involve a lot of crafting and working with designers. She could literally hold a project up and say "move this piece over here..." as she emails a designer... or hold up a different fabric and say "I want this one". I get chills at thinking how this could help her and her business partners.

Another friend of mine, Mark Sudermann, is an interior designer. Imagine what he could do! Not only could he send a photo of a piece he found for a homeowner, but with this application he could video it... walking around the table... or a couch... sitting on it... talking and video'ing. I think it would create a ton of excitement with a client... I love it!!!!!!!

If you remember my other blog where the Southeastern Conference is not allowing social media to be used during their college games ... so I wonder, is email social media? Maybe... it's on the fence. Or not. It just seems so "old" compared to the newer technology. But think about this... you could video a great play and email it out. Awww, it's probably frowned upon too at the SEC, but it's going to happen. A lot.

I'll keep you posted if I make this webcam and software purchase. The application will be available on an iPhone. Which I don't have... but want. hmmmm... yet another purchase.

Social Media... changing every day I tell ya! EXCITING!

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